My AstraZeneca Vaccine Experience

My AstraZeneca Vaccine Experience

Here I am recording my AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine experience. When our government opens AZ to the public (removed from government inoculation program), the public have the opportunity to register and schedule a date and location for vaccination at 1st come 1st serve basis.

At that time, AZ is only open for Selangor and Kuala Lumpur area with 4 vaccination location to choose.

Within 4 hours, upon opening for registration, AZ slots were snapped up and for another hour, it was open under waiting list.

This is the time when I managed to make a booking slot under waiting list. I registered my slot on 11th May 2021 at PWTC vaccination center and shall wait for appointment confirmation in mysejahtera app.

On 10th May 2021, I received a notification in my mysejahtera at around 10.30pm informing me to confirm my appointment for vaccination which is schedule on 11th May 2021 at 5.00pm. Bearing in mind that my booking is under waiting list, my appointment depends on cancellation by confirmed volunteers. Upon receiving notification in mysejahtera app, I need to confirm my appointment reservation or else the slot be open for next waiting list person.

I did the confirmation at around 11.55pm as I was still contemplating whether should I take the AZ vaccine since there are many news of its serious complication effects like blood clot and low platelets.

My Experience


  • my appointment is at 5.00pm.
  • Started my journey from home at around 3.30pm.
  • Reached PWTC car park at 3.50pm (parking fees is RM4.00 an hour excluding service tax = Total RM4.40 with TNG – no cash payment option).
  • Walk up to vaccination center, already the staffs are calling for those scheduled at 4.30pm and 5.00pm to enter into the station.
  • I went into the vaccination station at around 4.00pm,
  • Process: step 1 – fill up declaration form, step 2 – hand form and identification card to officer for verification, step 3 – have a quick word with a doctor (explain your past and current illness, etc and doctor shall explain all possible side effects, etc), then doctor will sign and endorse on the form, step 4 – wait for vaccination (during my time, no queue, so I went in straight into the cubicle for my injection), step 5 – go to waiting area (observation area) and sit down for 15 mins (this is to allow observation of issues if any), step 6 -after the observation period, staff will reiterate some of the information that the doctor already explained earlier and how to get help if complication arises then I exited from station (I exit the station at around 4.35pm).
  • after injection, my arm is quite sore but the feeling gotten less painful after a couple of hours. However, middle of the night, I can feel my arm gotten sorer and a bit numb. My calf also a bit numb.
  • Dose taken was manufactured by Astrazeneca South Korea.


  • morning woke up, arm less sore and legs no longer numb.
  • at about noon, I can feel my body started to feel warmer, I took a shower, drank lots of water and lay down on my bed to rest.
  • at around 3.00pm, my eyes starts to get a bit heavy (feeling like eyes on fire).
  • at around 5.00pm, my head began to get a bit heavy.
  • Thankfully my appetite is still good and had a good dinner.
  • Middle of night right hand a bit aches.

13-05-2021, 14-05-2021, 15-05-2021:

  • Woke up feeling fine in the morning.
  • Injection area at arm still a bit sore.


  • Injection area at arm no longer sore and all is good.

13-07-2021 (2nd Dose):

  • 2nd dose was push forward from 12 weeks to 9 weeks and got my appointment on 13-07-2021 at PWTC.
  • Walk into PWTC at around 3.45pm and follow the signs. No forms required.
  • Register for attendance and straight into the room for injection.
  • Whole vaccination process took 22 mins to complete and I’m out of PWTC.
  • Dose taken was manufactured by Astrazeneca Thailand.

14-07-2021 – 15-07-2021:

  • This time no side effect except sore arm but subsided on 15-07-2021.

By the way, blood clot is real so advised to self monitor for 30 days. Blood clot however is extremely rare so weighing between infected by covid19 and getting blood clots, it is still a better choice by getting the vaccine. Furthermore, blood clot is treatable according the doctor.

My personal advice is to hydrate yourself (drink water), shower and fill your tummy (take food) before going for vaccination. After vaccination, go straight home, shower again and take plenty of fluid. Try not to exercise for a day or 2 and take rest. This is not based on any scientific or doctor’s advice but merely my advice and own opinion.

Update 21-07-2022: I received AZ as my 1st booster and pfizer as my 2nd booster.

Although I am not sure but I do feel there is side effect after my vaccine. I have had tummy discomfort for many months symptoms like indigestion problem with regular burping happening on daily basis. It started after I had my 1st booster shot and it gotten worst after my 2nd booster. Anyhow, as of today 10-11-2022, I am feeling much better. Finger’s crossed that it is not the vaccine long term effect.

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