Sky Avenue, Genting Highland.

Want to shop in style in the highest shopping complex? This is the new shopping heaven in Resort World Genting Highland called SKY Avenue. I was there yesterday and although it is not fully occupied yet, I do see that it is a very large shopping complex. This complex is linking all hotels in Genting Highland. If you are taking the new cable car (Awana Sky Cable), you will stop on the highest floor of this complex and you can walk to your hotel as it is link to First World Hotel, Resort Hotel and the Grand Genting Hotel.

There are many shops as well as many eateries. There are non-halal food court where you can try local favorites like Hokkien Mee, Bak Kut Teh, Best Porridge, Wanton Mee and more. There are also Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Malay, Indian, Western, French style restaurants. If you like Pizza, there is pizza on woods (Motorino) too. I didn’t capture many photos as I only have my mobile camera on hand.

Photos taken back in 2016.

French Restaurant seating balcony below.

Outdoor Garden (Night)

This is the most spectacular lobby and I personally named it as Living Walls. I’m not sure how to name this lobby where LED screens are placed on walls and columns of the building and making it alive. I just simply named it the Living Walls.

SKY Avenue – Living Walls

Video (Note: sound captured very noisy as construction works are still on-going).

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