Kuromo Ichiba Market Near Namba, Osaka

There is this popular Kuromo Ichiba Market near Namba, Osaka. To be exact, it is about 10 mins walk from Namba Station. According to a friend, it is recommended to try the fresh seafoods available here. And yes, you heard it, it is fresh seafood. Of course, there are other shops selling other varieties of food apart from seafood. For info, Kuromo Ichiba Market is a street market.

We are here for its seafood only. We did try other food but mostly food that can be found anywhere in Osaka, so my images are only concentrated in seafoods. Some shops where fresh seafoods are available, also include dine in if you do not prefer to take away.

We didn’t order much as it is not cheap so we just ordered the followings:

Google Maps Location:

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