Home Marinate Ayam Berempah Or Kunyit

Earlier, I ordered 10 pieces of ayam berempah (uncooked marinated) for RM35 and noted that maybe I am able to Home Marinate Ayam Berempah myself and so I did, as at today, I marinated my 2nd batch of ayam berempah. The 1st was a bit dryer and 2nd batch, I did it slightly watery (less dry).


  • curry powder (for meat) – main.
  • tumeric powder (kunyit) – main.
  • cumin powder (jintan putih).
  • coriander powder (ketumbar).
  • fennel powder (jintan putih).
  • chili powder or paste (optional).
  • flour – main.
  • cornflour – main.

Blend ingredients:

  • ginger.
  • shallot.
  • serai.
  • garlic.
  • white soy sauce.
  • egg.
  • sugar.
  • pinch of salt.

How to:

  • mix all powder together in a bowl.
  • then, mix all blended ingredients together with the powder.
  • add the egg.
  • add water (less for dry type, more water for watery type).
  • Fridge for 1 to 2 hours.

To cook it, either deep fry or air fry it.
Note: for airfry – oil the plate so the meat does not stick to the plate or pan.

Above image shows air fried and dry type.

Eat with rice and fried egg.

Option 2 – Simpler Kunyit Chicken

  1. kunyit powder
  2. a bit of corn flour & general flour
  3. salt
  4. serai (smashed until juicy)
  5. sesame oil

then fridge. Just air fry for 20mins then flip for another 20mins.

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