How To Dispose Old Car As Scrap, Malaysia

How to dispose old car as scrap in Malaysia. This is my experience on how I dispose my old car as scrap. I have a near to 20 years old car, Inokom ATOS 1.0GL and due to the need to repair & overhaul the engine. Maintaining & repairing the car is quite expensive as most of the parts are already rusty & near to its end.

Hence, I decided to dispose the car as scrap (in JPJ term, total loss). Here is what I did: –

  1. Step one, I contacted a waste scraper company. I sent an email to this company & gotten a reply from them the next day via WhatsApp message. They replied to the email after 3 days too. The company I contacted is Thanam Industry.
  2. They requested photos of my car (front, rear, both sides & interior) & a copy of the car registration card. The following day, they replied with a quotation.
  3. Bear in mind, scrap car does not fetch high price unless you do the scraping yourself online meaning publish & sell of all the car parts individually in websites. Scraper might be interested & offer a certain amount for the parts. To do this, you must be patient. For me, I do not have the patient to wait thus I just contact a company to take the whole car.
  4. Once I have agreed with the price, the company will send a letter of agreement. Upon signing & returning the signed letter to the company, the company will arrange a tow truck to tow away your car. The tow truck arrangement is quick that comes to collect my car the next 2 days (if available).
  5. *Remember to take photo of the towing & also contact the company to ensure that the towing has been successfully towed to their facility.
  6. Next is to go to JPJ to terminate the road tax & cancel the car registration. This has to be done in the main JPJ branch (not all branches have this facility). I went to JPJ Wangsa Maju HQ for the termination. Road tax termination is located on the 1st floor & after this, go to room 1E (a small backroom) to deregister the car registration.
  7. I asked for refund of the balance road tax but until today (time of writing), I still have not received the refund. Anyway, after I have submitted the deregistration form, it takes 1 week for the process.
  8. After 1 week, I return to collect the car deregistration confirmation letter. I forward a copy of the letter to the scraper company for record purposes.
  9. Finally, payment takes 2 weeks from the date of towing by the company which I had to occasionally call to asked for my payment. It takes slightly more than 2 weeks to get my payment. Must really chase for the payment.

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