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CI4 Stuff

Codeigniter 4 Stuff A) Virtualmin and Codeigniter 4 This changes the Directory tag in Apache to: <Directory /home/ci4/public_html/public>. This makes sure that Apache uses the index.php as the front router file in the public folder. HTACCESS File in Public Folder. # Disable directory browsing # Options All -Indexes # ———————————————————————- # Rewrite engine # ———————————————————————-…

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Webmin Stuff

1) Disabling SSL in Webmin via command Wrong settings in Webmin configuration file Recently, a problem after Webmin installation on Linux and when they try to access Webmin using URL <http://SERVER IP ADDRESS:10000/> via browser it shows an errors like this. or This is because by default Miniserv web server runs in SSL mode. So, to fix…

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Virtualmin Stuff

Virtual server setup: PHP Settings: Changing PHP.ini: WordPress Write Issue/FTP Login Issue: Check Apache Error Log: Virtualmin re-check configuration to ensure Virtualmin is ready: PHP Install & Enable Module (Ubuntu 20.04). To install extension to a particular php version: #sudo apt-get install php8.2-curl or follow above example apt-install (Reference: https://tecadmin.net/enable-disable-php-modules-ubuntu/) Extra notes: Page Error 500:…

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