My Parents Pfizer / Sinovac Vaccination Experience

My Parents Pfizer / Sinovac Vaccination Experience

Here is a record of my parents pfizer / sinovac vaccination experience. My father was scheduled on 11th May 2021 (12.00pm) and my mother was on 18th May 2021 (3,00pm) 1 week apart from each other)). Both vaccination center is in Titiwangsa Stadium.

My Father’s Experience


  • Reached center at around 11.35am, step 1 – fill up declaration form (2 copies) and 1 copy illness declaration form. Step 2 – verification process (check identity card), step 3 – chit-chat with a doctor on complication and inform doctor of illness, past operation procedure, etc, step 4 – vaccination room (injection), step 5 – 2nd verification, step 6 – waiting area for 15mins observation (if you have allergy, etc, observation is 30mins), step 7 – get next appointment card.
  • My father did not show any signs of side effects.


  • My father did not show any signs of any side effects.

01-06-2021: 2nd Dose

  • Venue changed to MITEC in Jalan Duta (one of the mega PPV vaccination centres).
  • Reached at 11.13am MITEC car park (car parking fees RM5 for 1st 3 hours).
  • Received our waiting number at around 11.30am and waited for about 15mins to 20 mins.
  • Doctor asked few questions and wait at the vaccination waiting area.
  • Received the 2nd dose vaccine at around 12pm and headed straight to observation area (15mins). *Note: this time, nurse must show the vaccine stringent level (which 3ml for 2nd dose) before and after vaccine.
  • Left the centre at around 12.15pm.
  • Steps shorten for 2nd dose people. Step 1 – get number, Step 2 – doctor’s briefing, Step 3 – vaccination, Step 4 – observation.
  • Night time -> slight feverish and very tired


  • Diarrhoea twice. Still have slight fever. Tired.
  • Feeling hungry all the time.


  • All well today.

My Mother’s Experience


  • She was administered Sinovac vaccination at 3.30pm. At the same location as my father with similar procedure. The only different is the crowd at the center is much larger with more people queuing up for registration.
  • No sign of side effect.

08-06-2021: 2nd Dose

  • Appointment time was changed (supposedly at 3.00p, but was changed to 7.00pm).
  • Venue changed to MITEC in Jalan Duta (one of the mega PPV vaccination centres).
  • Reached lobby at around 6.30pm. Received the waiting number and waited for 30mins for doctor’s consultation.
  • Waited for more than 1 hour for the injection (due to staff went for dinner and only one booth was open out of more than 5 booths).
  • Got the vaccine injection at around 7.45pm then 15mins observation.
  • Left the centre at 8.00pm.
  • A bit of soreness at the injection arm.
  • No sign of side effect.


  • All good.

Note: accordingly, pfizer is administered to mostly elderly with multiple sickness while sinovac is administered to people with less or no sickness.

Update 2022: they have gotten their 1st and 2nd booster. Both my father and mother received pfizer as their boosters.

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