Driving License for New Drivers (Phase 2)

Driving License for New Drivers (Phase 2)

After you have obtained your L-Driving License (which is valid for 2 years). You need to go for driving lessons on the road, learn side parking, 3 point turn and up-hill. In total, a minimum of 10 hours driving lessons is required. Usually, 5 days (2 hours each) driving time. Schedule depends on your driving instructor. Every lessons, you will need to be in the driving school to scan your thumbprint to verify that you have already completed the lessons. (Read about Driving license Phase 1)

Roughly the 5 driving days are split into:-

  • 1st lesson – learn the basic mechanics of the car like meter, engine location, rear mirror, water cooler, etc.
  • 2nd lesson – driving on the road. Familiarize with handling the car on the road.
  • 3rd lesson – uphill lesson. To try to stop the car (front wheels) onto the white line uphill.
  • 4th lesson – parking the car. 3 point-turn.
  • 5th lesson – all in one go. The last 2 hours of lessons.

After you have completed the above 5 lessons, you shall then be register for JPJ driving exam.

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