Home Cooked Fried Calamari (Salted Egg Option).

Home Cooked Fried Calamari (Salted Egg Option).

Simple home cooked fried calamari.

  1. wash and soak calamari in lemon water and fridge for 30mins


  1. mix calamari in egg
  2. mix all purpose flour, rice flour, corn flour and add water to the mixed.

Time for frying.

  1. dip calamari into the mixed.
  2. drop into frying pan (oil).
  3. remove once calamari is light yellow – do not overcook.
  4. dip into the mix again and fry again (2nd time).
  5. remove once calamari is darker yellow – do not overcook.

Salted egg option.

  1. drop some butter or plantar into the pan (not too much but not too little).
  2. add curry leafs.
  3. add chili (1 to 2 chili padi is enough)
  4. add evaporated milk and salted egg powder.
  5. cook until milk is bubbly.
  6. reduce the heat and pour in all the fried calamari.
  7. give a good mix to the calamari.

Serve while hot.