Everland in Seoul Korea at 2017 (Spring)

Everland Seoul Korea 2017 Spring. These are miscellaneous photos I took on my visit to Seoul Korea in March 2017 (Spring time). To enjoy Everland to the fullest, you may require a minimum of 2 or more days. Beautiful flowers are potted and planted around this park. This is especially more in Spring season. Remember to get ready your camera for some beautiful shots. Also prepare to walk up and down little hills. The theme park is sited around a mountains thus the little hills here and there.

How to go Everland by subway train:

  • Subway from Seoul station (Line 1) and transfer to City Hall station (Line 2).
  • Then from City Hall station to Wangsimni station transfer to Giheung station.
  • Once you are in Giheung, transfer to Everland line and go to Jeondae station.
  • Take a Free shuttle bus from Jeondae station to Everland ticket entrance.

Total fare approximately KRW2,250 with total travel time approximately 2 hours to reach Everland. I took the train because of time freedom. You can opt to take a private bus to Everland if you like but there is a time schedule. It took me 2 hours to travel from Seoul town to Everland by train overall. And needed 3 train transits and a shuttle bus from the last station to reach Everland.

Remember to go wake up and travel early. The journey is long and it will take nearly 2 hours from town to reach Everland. Theme park restaurants are expensive thus have your breakfast before starting your journey. You may have your lunch in Everland itself.

– This post shall be updated gradually. Photos below are taken in March 2017: –