Must Visit Sarawak Cultural Village

Interested in going to a cultural village in Sarawak? This is a must visit place whenever you are in Sarawak. This place is called Sarawak Cultural Village (Kampung Budaya Sarawak; in Bahasa Malaysia). It is not far from Kuching town, maybe around 40 to 45 mins drive to this place. It is a popular destination especially during the school holidays.

If you like a bit of Sarawak history, this is the place is a must visit place. Tickets priced at RM68.00 per-person. Upon entry, you are given a “passport” booklet where on visiting the various houses, you can put a stamp on to the booklet along with brief explanation of the house and the people that used to lives inside. In every house, there are tidbits food for purchase (famous cakes that are made by the locals).

There is  a restaurant that sells local foods and near the exit, there is a souvenir shop for you to buy local Sarawak products (from food to apparels to jewelry accessories) before you leave the village. If you would like to spend a night in the village, you can do so by going to the ticket booth and make a booking.

There is also a culture dance show for visitors (remember to check the timing of the show – 2 sessions available).

Note: We drove there using WAZE apps. So, I honestly don’t know how to take public transport there. Best bet is take a taxi there if you are not driving.

Sarawak Cultural Village.

Chinese House (my favorite house).

The Passport.

Orang Ulu House.

Cultural Dance show.
Dance doesn’t include the Chinese dance maybe because they didn’t employ any Chinese dancers (I’m not sure what is the true reason tho).

Village surroundings (remember to bring an umbrella, it’s going to be hot if it is a sunny day).
Most of the houses doesn’t have any air conditioning. If you want to rest your feet, go to the restaurant.

Bidayuh House. Sugar cane maker.

Me Trying Blow Pipe – For Real!

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