Home Cooked Soy Sauce Grill Fish

Home Cooked Soy Sauce Grill Fish. My wife bought a frozen saba fish and I try to grill this fish with soy sauce, something like teriyaki grill fish dish. And my ingredients are quite simple consisting white soy sauce, brown sugar and mirin.


  • white soy sauce
  • mirin (Japanese oil mixture with sake)
  • brown sugar
  • corn flour (optional) – for slightly crunchier fish skin


  • cut fish into half
  • thin coat of corn flour on the fish skin and meat


  • Heat oil in pan (ensure oil is hot)
  • lay fish skin side first and fry till skin is cooked
  • turn fish over and fry till cooked
  • pour a small bowl of mirin
  • add white soy sauce
  • add brown sugar (equal content as mirin bowl)
  • add water (to reduce stickiness but is optional)

Serve with rice.

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