Trying Tidbits In China Convenient Store

Tidbits or Snacks you should or could try in China.

I always look out for any convenient store even when I am travelling in China. These stores could be located in stops along the highway or at some local street. I go to these stores to look for tidbits or snacks for the night. Tidbits comes in handy when you would like to have some beers or midnight snacks. There are many tidbits but one or 2 tidbits items I found interesting are these as shown below.

The 1st photo, nothing special with only a couple of food and drink items I used to buy. Small pack of deep fried sweet and spicy Anchovies, couple of cup noodles and one of my favorite drink, Vitamin C drink (a soft drink actually). Price for these items are quite cheap. 2nd photo gets better.

Price: Not Healthy Snacks (haha).
Verdict: Mostly dry foods and slightly spicy.
Cons: Very dry.

Now read further down for an even more interesting snack.

Presenting the DUCK drumstick snack in ready pack. Price varies from RMB5 to RMB8 from shop to shop. I don’t think China standardize their food prices (not really sure) but prices varies very much from shop to shop and location to location. This is the best snack with beers. Sweet and little spicy, most importantly, it is chewy so you can just enjoy the snack slowly while downing some beers along the way.

Price: Varies from RMB5 to RMB8.
Pros: Really loved it and really goes down well with beer.
Cons: A bit chewy hard but I guess that’s the purpose as beer companion.

Comes in either Drumsticks and Wings Drum. Other varieties are Chicken or Duck Feet, Chicken or Duck Liver, Chicken or Duck Kidney, Chicken or Duck Wings, all in ready to eat packs. Sold in most convenient stores around China. I think is one of the local favorite tidbits with Beers.