Best Takoyaki Balls Original Osaka Japan

Best Takoyaki balls original from Osaka, Japan. Yesterday, I wrote about tasting Takoyaki balls locally (read more about it here). In this article, I wanted to share my experience of my 1st Takoyaki in Osaka in 2012.

As previous article, Takoyaki basically is a ball-shaped Japanese snack. Made from wheat flour and cooked in a special moulded pan. The original flavor usually filled with diced octopus (Tako), mayonnaise (Japanese loves Mayonnaise) and top with fried onion leafs and soya sauce. This snack is to be served hot so that the hot mayonnaise melt into your mouth.

This is my 1st taste of Takoyaki. And Yes, I knew about Takoyaki that are sold back here but I had never tried any. Not until I was in Osaka and tried it. One word for sure, taste GOOD. After that, I had to try it locally here but taste is nowhere near compare to what is sold in Japan.

This shop is right in the middle of the busy street in Osaka town. Shin-Sai Bashi Suji (see the last image below); a very busy night street with plenty of restaurants to drop-by for delicacies. I had Takoyaki here as well as Ramen along this busy street (will update this in another article).


Price: 500 Yen.
Portion: It is a just snack so don’t except it to fill up your tummy.
Pros: Eat while it’s hot but careful not to burn your tongue. Best Takoyaki I have had so far.

Original Takoyaki from Osaka. (More juicier, taste better).

Google Maps location:-

Compare local vs original in Osaka: You be the judge by it’s presentation.

From Osaka, Japan
Gindaco, local fast food outlet

Malaysia’s Gindaco