Traditional TeoChew Soy Braised Soup

Traditional Home TeoChew Soy Braised Soup.

True TeoChew braised dish? Yes. Occasionally, we will have our traditional braised dish. This is so especially after the Chinese New Year where we have some remaining braised duck sauce / soup. We will use the sauce to add other meats for examples pork, chicken or duck and add either eggs or tofu to the sauce. And then we will dilute the sauce by adding water to make it soup based where we add Kuey Teow (rice cake strips) to the soup and serve with meats, eggs and tofu.

Why use Kuey Teow? We have tried using noodles or vermicelli but it just didn’t have that taste. Reason maybe noodles couldn’t adsorb the soup while vermicelli adsorb too much of the soup. Adding Kuey Teow seem to be prefect as it doesn’t adsorb the soup yet it is smoother to slurp.

For our style, we like to cook the sauce with  pork meat (with a bit of fatty side), add eggs, add tofu and use the remaining duck meats. Serve these with the Kuew Teow soup. Remember that the soup is less salty because water was added into it? Well, take any of the sauce and just add the sauce into the soup. The best sauce to add would be the ones from the duck and my favorite side are the eggs. I just love it!

Just a single sauce became multiple dishes.

Let’s see what we have here:

Main dish: Braised duck.

Then comes: Braised Pork.

My favorite: Braised eggs.

Lastly: Some Braised Tofu.

Served with Braised soup base with Kuey Teow.

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