Beautiful Cherry Blossom Photos, Osaka

Osaka Japan Beautiful Cherry Blossom. How beautiful is cherry blossom in Osaka, Japan? These photos are taken in 2012 when I was in Osaka for a tour. I couldn’t really remember where this place is exactly but I presume we were very near Osaka Castle. The cherry trees are planted right in front of the walkway towards the castle entrance. I was lucky to have this spectacular view of the a full blown blossom when I was visiting this Castle. It is very rare for tourist to have a full blown view because the blossom only lasted for about 7 days (1 week).

So, very much depending on your luck when you are visiting Japan during spring. Expected full blown cherry blossom is around end of March to early April. If you are lucky enough, you should be able to capture the full blown blossom moment. This was my lucky trip as I got to capture it in Osaka. My tour takes me from Osaka to Tokyo. By the time I reached Tokyo, the blossom already subsided but I was blessed to capture it in Osaka instead of in Tokyo.

Cheery blossom is one reason why my wife and I visited Japan. We purposely chosen early April for this moment. There are lots of tourist during this time where the weather is just prefect. Yes, we were also very lucky that when we reached this place, it is still very early in the morning where less tourist are visible around the area. This gives me an opportunity to take some nice photos with less crowded people. I travel with Air Asia.

Cherry blossom gallery (Osaka, Japan) – Osaka Castle.

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