Home Cooked Douchi Braised Pork Ribs

Today I tried my cooking hands on my home cooked douchi braised pork ribs. What is Douchi? Douchi (tochi) is fermented and salted black soybeans. Very salty yet very tasty.

*My wife voted the best dish (5 stars) (vote dated: 20/08/2020)*


  • pork ribs or pork meat or chicken meat.
  • black vinegar.
  • oyster sauce.
  • abalone sauce if available.
  • white soy sauce.
  • black soy sauce (a bit to give coloring).
  • corn flour (reduce meat smell and make it slightly sticky).
  • Chinese wine (optional).
  • mixed well & fridge for about 1 hour.


  • chopped garlic.
  • douchi (douchi soak in water to reduce the saltiness).


  • fry garlic.
  • add 2 lumps sugar.
  • add douchi.
  • add marinated pork.
  • stir well.
  • add black soy sauce to darken the dish.
  • add water till soak the pork.
  • cover and braised for 15mins, stir and close cover again.
  • braised until water reduced to almost dry (approximately 40 mins else ribs meat not loosen).

Below picture taken wasn’t the best due to the shadows. I promise to take better photo on my next douchi pork ribs.

Version 2.0 – Pork Shoulder Meat.

Note: Douchi chicken taste is equally good if not better. Anyway, do read up about my best home cooked fried hokkien mee.

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