Home Cooked Salted Egg Chicken V1

Felt like having some salted egg dishes so I made my home cooked salted egg chicken v1 dish. The is the 1st time I am cooking this dish and I uses a commercially available salted egg ready mixed.


  • chicken breast meat.
  • light soy sauce.
  • wheat flour.
  • corn flour.
  • egg (1 should be sufficient depending on portion size).
  • a pinch of salt.
  • black or white pepper.
  • mixed well and fridge for 1 hour.

Other ingredients:

  • commercially available salted egg ready pack.
  • a bit of sugar.
  • chopped garlic.
  • chili padi (bird’s eye chili).
  • margarine.
  • evaporated milk.


  • deep frying:
    • deep fry or fry chicken until golden brown on outside.
    • about 80% to 90% cooked.
  • cooking:
    • margarine as oil and heat up pan.
    • add chopped garlic.
    • add chili padi.
    • add chicken.
    • add salted egg mixed.
    • add creamer or evaporated milk.
    • add salt to taste.
    • stir fry until fragrant.

Note: Deep fry or stir fry.
Deep fry would be tastier and crunchier but uses lot of oil while stir fry uses less oil but less crunchy.

Salted egg chicken.

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Update: This is version 1 of salted egg chicken.
My version 2 of salted egg chicken (improved), click here to read more.

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