Home Made Pork Burger

I am trying my hands on homemade pork burger. I love burgers especially chicken and pork burgers so I really wanted to try marinating and cooking the burger myself. Although I do not have a grill at home, I would cook it with normal pan instead. Today, I found some minced meat in my fridge and start to marinate it and made myself some delicious pork burgers.


  • flour.
  • cornflour.
  • breadcrumb.
  • white soy sauce.
  • dark soy sauce (a bit).
  • HP sauce (bought from supermarket).
  • black pepper.
  • egg (depending how much meat).
  • pinch of salt.
  • Chinese wine (optional).
  • black vinegar (optional).

Just mixed all ingredients together in the minced pork and fridge for 1 to 2 hours. Actually, the marinated minced pork can be kept in the freezer if it cannot consume in 1 go.

Cooking it:

  • add vegetable oil or butter onto pan.
  • add marinated minced meat.
  • add white pepper to taste.
  • add little bit of salt.
  • fry until cook.
  • toast the burger bun (add butter or margarine).

then add cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, fried egg, onions, vegetable and chili sauce. Commercially available burger buns are a bit small in size so I need at least 2 to 3 burgers to satisfy my crave.

It was good! I’m satisfied.

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