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My Way Of Cooking Loh Mee (Home Cooking)

This is my way of cooking Loh Mee (Home Cooking). During MCO (Movement Control Order), I tend to explore into cooking and I have cooked a few of my favorite food which are curry pork, kong pao chicken and braised pork or chicken. And today, I tried my hands on “LOH MEE”.

My wife bought some yellow noodles last week and we have most of the ingredient available in the kitchen. This prompted me to try cooking “loh mee” for the 1st time. Of course, i did some research and reading online for it’s recipe and improvise a bit on my own.


Firstly, I marinate the pork (by the way, I don’t have prawns so I only make do with what I have at home) with the followings:-

  1. White soy sauce
  2. Black vinegar
  3. Corn flour
  4. Pinch of salt
  5. Keep in fridge for an hour or so.
Wrap with cling wrap and fridge

Prepare other ingredients.

  1. Chopped garlic
  2. Yellow noodles (thick noodles preferred)
  3. Vegetables
  4. Fish balls strips
  5. Meat balls
  6. Egg(s)
  7. Sugar
  8. Light soy sauce
  9. Dark vinegar
  10. chicken stocks
  11. Cornflour
  12. Chinese wine
  13. Fish sauce (if wanted more salty)
Add water to drain away some noodle smell.

Cooking the pork and fish ball strips.

  1. Add cooking oil and stir fry garlic in pan
  2. Add pork
  3. Add fish ball strips
  4. Remove all the above into a bowl.

Cooking the noodles.

  1. Add oil
  2. Add pork and fish ball strips
  3. Add water
  4. Add chicken stocks
  5. Add light soy sauce
  6. Add dark vinegar
  7. Add meat balls
  8. Add yellow noodles
  9. While stirring, add cornflour (mixed in water)
  10. While stirring, add eggs (mixed stirred)
  11. If taste not salty enough, add light soy sauce (but adding fish sauce is better)
  12. Cover and let it boil for about a minute or 2
  13. Stir until cook (smell the aroma)
  14. While is hot, add Chinese wine to bring out more aroma.
  15. Serve HOT!

Yes, eat with chili padi is best.

Cooking stages:

How about some home cooked hokkien mee?
Refer here: https://edwardkoo.com/home-cooked-hokkien-mee-noodles/

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