Driving License for New Drivers (Phase 1)

Driving License for New Drivers (Phase 1)


Info for 1st time car driving license application (Class D) in Malaysia 2016. There are few steps to applying a license for new drivers. This info for vehicle under class D only. There are 2 options available for a class D driving license, you can either opt manual or auto shift vehicle. For manual shift license, you are able to drive either manual cars or auto shift cars. Whereas for auto shift license, you can only drive auto gear shift cars. And if you choose to drive a manual car, you will need to take the manual car license. Pricing comes differently for both the options.

  • For manual is RM1,250.00 full course (2016 fees).
  • For auto is RM1,800.00 full course (2016 fees).

On application, here are what will happen:

  • For registration, prepare and bring;
    • colored passport photo (35mm x 50mm).
    • identification card.
  • On register with driving school.
    • pay upfront RM400.00
    • a instruction book is given.


  • Attend “L” license beginner class (for approximately 6 hours)
    • opens Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Monday office is open by no class will be conducted whereas Friday, office is closed.
    • registration starts at 9.00am and attend the class immediately after registration.
    • class should end at 5.00pm.
    • food and water not provided.
  • Register for your “L” license test.
    • test to be taken within 2 months after attending the beginner class.
    • to register, inform the clerk or your driving instructor for arrangement.
    • be there early.
  • Test takes around 1.30mins and digital form.
    • It should be fairly easy, just read the instruction book (given on the day of registration).
  • Once you pass the test, you will get a “L” license and this is valid for 1 year for you to learn driving.

Note: Buy one of this Q&A book as reference to easily pass the test (Cost: RM5.00).

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