Takano Ramen in Tokyo, Japan. Best in Town.

Food to try when you are in Japan. One of the best Ramen in Tokyo, Japan.


One of the famous Ramen and the best I had in Tokyo, Japan; is actually this shop (see image below). Prepare to wait in a long queue, we waited for more than an hour in line; together with other local Japanese. We were the only foreign tourist in the queue. The shop opens from 11.00am and closes at 2.00pm. Yes, they sold out pretty fast. And I’m telling you this; it is WORTH the wait! Price range from ±¥700 to ¥910.

Where is this place? It is near vicinity of Ebara-Nakanobu Station. The shop is just right out station entrance. Name of this place is Takano Ramen.

We were the last batch to enter & we were lucky because the owner allow us to enter as he sees that we are tourist. He rejected those behind our line as they only serve a limited number of bowls per-day.

Price: ¥910 (2015 price)
Verdict: Portion is large and sure filling. The slice pork is more than enough and the boiled egg is super good. Soup can be added if you want more. Every bowl comes with the same amount of noodles and number of pork slices (I saw the cook having to weight the noodle for each bowl). This is what I call Standardisation.

Presenting the RAMEN

best ramen tokyo

Where? Location (within this vicinity)

The Ramen shop. Look at the crowd.


Price range

Google map location

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