M.O.V.E Movement Malaysia

M.O.V.E which stands for Moving Off Virtual Entertainment, is a private organised service dedicated to the mission of getting kids to play. A team of people will organize good ol’ fashioned games in a team setting where the young ones and parents can play together and interact.

If you feel gadgets are ruining our child’s capabilities to play – this group is for you. If you think your child lacks time in the sunshine with you – this group is for you. If you think you wanna relive your childhood – oh yes! This group is for you. We will make the call for the next MOVE two weeks in advance to facilitate preparation and organization. Come on in and see for yourself.

My son joined this group which was started by one of his school friend parent. In the beginning, the group was small but it has became larger with more and more families joining the fun. Currently, my son design and draw their logo & banner for their Facebook group.