Libra Ship Cruise Food Gallery

Libra Ship Cruise Food Gallery.

Libra cruise takes my wife and me from Penang port to Phuket to Krabi (Thailand) and back to Penang port. We are from Kuala Lumpur hence tickets are included for our bus travel to Penang. Our journey starts at around 6.00am and cruise sails at around 4.00pm. We have to be on deck by 2.00pm to 3.00pm. Meals are provided from morning till supper so we had food from breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper. Prepare to go fat.

There are 4 restaurants on broad that serve local cuisine, Indian cuisine, Chinese cuisine and BBQ buffet (that start at night). Most of the meals served are Halal but there is one which is non-Halal (which is in the Chinese restaurant). For me, BBQ buffet is the best on broad whereas the Chinese food is below standard. We didn’t try the Indian restaurant because it is a paid restaurant and since cruise tours already inclusive of meals, no logic to spend for food on broad.

Here are some food (photos) being served on broad this cruise ship. Photos are not in particular meal served order.

Burgers, buns, sausages, beefs or prawns for dinner and supper. You name it, you might just get it.

Some Dim Sum set dinner in the Chinese restaurant. In this restaurant, each person orders set package. You can order different set but you must be able to finish what you ordered.

Yes, with fried noodles as well but taste is not up to par.

Then there is western style food. Each person gets to select only one choice from their menu.

Sort of appetizer with 2 pieces of hams.

Chicken dish (I forgotten what it’s call).

Beef steak dish.

Fish with rice and asparagus dish.


There is also a Gala dinner night with the ship’s captain. This is a 1st come 1st served FINE dining. Fine dining therefore formal dress code applies. No flip-flops or short pants. Booking must be done as soon as your broad the ship due to the limited table space. We made our booking early and we got to enjoy a night with the captain. By the way, if you like to sit at the captain’s table (together with the ship captain), there is an extra charge because wine is served together. For most of us, wine is not inclusive.

An idea of some of the food served during our gala night. Pardon me due to the dimmed lighting environment settings, photos are not be clear and a bit shaky. Selected set of choices so each person select only 1 choice from the menu.

Start with salads.

Fish with prawn main dish.

Orange turkey main dish.

Chicken roll main dish.

Beef steak with black pepper sauce.

Finally some desserts.

I cannot remember when this came in. Sorry!