Today I Say Good Bye To My 12 Years Old Piano

If I can remember correctly, I bought my piano 12 years ago. And today I say good bye to my 12 years old piano. It has been serving for so many years. The truth is i don’t know how to play the piano. I bought this piano for my kids to learn and play. And since they have already grown up and also that this piano is taking some space around my house, it is time to dispose or sell it away.

Eventually, I didn’t dispose it or threw it away as I decided maybe I could donate it. I gotten help from a friend of mine (Ms Beh) and it was donated to an orphanage (House of Joy). When the piano movers came today, I noticed that the bottom and back of the piano already bulging due to moisture.

Honestly, I didn’t notice it as I have been taking care of it by placing moisture absorbance and also a heater that is switched on 24 hours. This piano is also serviced and tuned by the same guy who sold me the piano 12 years ago every half yearly or yearly. I really hope it still stands when it reaches its destination as I didn’t want to donate something away which is not in good shape. I do pray that the piano is still good.

Anyway, the piano has been transported out. Nothing much I can do about it now. For the record, I bought this piano at RM3,800.00 12 years ago. Accordingly, it is one of the cheapest reconditioned piano imported from Japan and so happens, this guy who sold me the piano just started his piano refurbishment company. At present, this guy no longer doing imported reconditioned pianos but started a partnership venture in selling higher end piano while still does tuning for customers.

I’m going to miss my piano. Good BYE!

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