Bed Bugs Infestation Imported From My Neighbor

Bed Bugs Infestation Imported From My Neighbor

Updated: 14/02/2019

Just last week, on 9th of Jan 2019, my house was attacked by bed bugs infestation imported from my neighbor (we call this neighbor; “Old Lady A”).

In actual fact, the infestation started on 5th of Jan 2019 (which I didn’t know about it) when my neighbor threw out their mattress and placed it at our floor lobby. I only got to know about it on 9th from my other neighbors.

“Old Lady A” threw her mattress out on the 5th and left the infected mattress at our lobby. Her house was then disinfected by an expert pest exterminator. We were not informed of the infestation.

Then on 9th, the exterminator came again for the 2nd time to this “Old Lady A” house to clean and disinfect the remaining bugs.

I saw the person at the lobby and I confronted this exterminator, why did he disinfect the house by leaving the door open wide for the bugs to escape and look for another house to re-produce. I was of course angry with this man and this “Old Lady A”.

The “Old Lady A” and this exterminator is just plain inconsiderate. The worst part was this exterminator is this “Old Lady A” son. OMG!

Without a choice, I had to take charge to try to disinfect and tries to exterminate the bugs from ruining my house.

To my horror on the 9th night, I found the 1st bed bug roaming around my living room wall. And that was my 1st bug kill.

On the 10th, it was my 2nd kill in one of my smaller bedroom floor. I was so frustrated. On 11th, my 3rd kill and so on to my 4th, 5th and 6th kill on a daily basis until the 15th.

On the 16th Jan 2019, there no longer any sighting but precaution are still in place. Well, my precautions are bug spray along all my bedrooms entrance as well my living area and living entrance.

On 16th and 17th, both days were raining thus I think due to colder nights, the bugs didn’t come out from it’s hiding for blood hunt.

Anyway, what I had prepared for my bed bugs battle were:-

  • bug spray bought from Tesco (Fumakilla).
  • another bug spray bought from online which is Bio-D spray with lavender smell (supposedly, non-toxic to humans – which no confirmation as I believed all insect sprays are toxic). Also bought Awesome Spray which is made from organic substance.
  • double sided tape (carpet tape) at the entrance door.
  • check for bugs under the bed, floor and wall every night.
  • continue to spray around the house 2 days once since no sighting. If there are sightings, then it will be daily spray.

Time-line updates (war on bed bugs):-

  • 9th/Jan – 1st sighting and 1st kill.
  • 10th/Jan – 2nd kill inside a bamboo tray.
  • 11th/Jan to 15th/Jan – continue to kill.
  • 16th/Jan and 17th/Jan – no sighting (maybe due to rains as night is colder).
  • 18th – no sighting.
  • 23rd/Jan – killed 1 on a soft toy (7th kill). Looks like female bug.
  • 26th/Jan – killed 4 baby nymphs (bed bugs). Total 11 kills.
  • 27th/Jan – killed that looks like another female bug dropped out from a cushioned chair. Also, killed another near bedroom entrance door suspected to have stick to my son’s shirt as he walked out of the room. Sprayed fumakilla onto the whole chair, saw bugs running out from the chair, killed about 6 of these nymphs, chair been thrown away. Total 19 kills includes baby nymphs.
  • 28th/Jan – 3.00am, found 1 single bug on my chair. Chair has been thrown away. Total kills 20.
  • 29th/Jan – flipped the bed again and this time saw a tiny bug. I spray with ‘Awesome spray‘ and the bug didn’t move. I squash it and noticed blood. Total kills 21. Today, I applied some Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) powder around my beds.
  • 30th/Jan – My daughter have 2 bite marks that looks like bed bugs bite but I cannot confirm it. Apparently, we don’t see any bed bugs running on the floor maybe because I didn’t do any spraying. Maybe I need to do some spraying.
  • 31st/Jan – saw a tiny white color insect on my removal of my planter but not able to identify if it is a baby bug.
  • 9th/Feb – Opposite neighbor maid’s mattress was infested by bed bugs and mattress been thrown away. Also, found tiny bugs running along her side table.
  • 11th/Feb – Noticed a “maybe pretend to be dead” bug at my living room. It was on the floor and motionless. I squeezed it and blood gust out. Checked on everyone in my family but no bite marks so not sure whose blood was it.
  • 14th/Feb – Till today, no sighting but I will still stay alert.

Tips: for example of spraying the whole cushion seat. After spraying with fumakilla, wait and observe for a few minutes. If there are baby bugs, it will crawl out. Apparently, even if sprayed, it will not kill the bugs but it does chase it out from the hiding. Once its out, that’s where u start to kill it. The hiding place need to be sprayed a few times to clear the bugs.


  • Fumakilla insect spray has a very strong chemical smell. Is oily and the smell will last for days (approx. 2 days). Not as oily as Bio-D.
  • Bio-D insect spray has lavender smell but it is very oily. The smell lasted a few days too and will remain oily for at least 2 days.
  • Awesome organic spray has NO smell but stains. A light yellowish stain appears and spray is water based so it dries up very fast.

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