Curry Rice Pork Burger in Tokyo, Japan

Food that you should try when you are in Tokyo, Japan. Curry rice with pork burger.


I had this when I was visiting Tokyo, Japan early this year (2016, 2018 & 2019). It is in one of the fast food chain store that also sells superb beef rice. I have tasted their beef rice (which is also good), I thought this time I give a try to their Curry Rice with Pork Burger.

This meal includes a free cup of green tea and served together with a small bowl of Miso soup. This dish may not look big in portion but it is quite filling as the pork burger is rather thick. The curry is not as spicy for my taste bud but you can always add chili flakes that is readily available on request.

Price: ±¥600 (2016 price)
Pros: Portion is large enough for a single person with miso soup on the sides. Curry spice is soft and tasty.

Note: This is a non-halal dish.

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