FowlBoys Burger During MCO

Is FowlBoys Burger Filling?

FowlBoys Burger during MCO. Due to Phase 1 of FMCO, we are still not allowed to dine-in hence we could only order takeaway. I ordered 3 sets of Fowlboys burgers today which includes their signature dishes.

What I ordered: The O.G Sandwich (with Cayenne Pepper), Sugar Daddy and Double O.G (all combo sets). I shared these with my children and to be honest, the portion is quite large and very filling.

Some images:-

The above image shows, on the left is The O.G Sandwich, on the right is the Sugar Daddy (with sliced cabbages).

These are the side dishes included in the combo:-

Potato cheesy thots (come with Sugar Daddy)
French fries (comes with O.G Sandwich).

Basically, the meats are whole and not minced hence they name it as a burger sandwich and not a burger, hehehe