Virtualmin Stuff

Virtual server setup:

  • Setup virtual server
  • Enable DMARC by going to Virtualmin –> server configuration –> DNS options and check DNS records.
  • Enable SPF records too.
  • PHP setup:

PHP Settings:

  • Virtualmin –> server configuration –> PHP options.
  • Change to php-fpm by checking FPM.
  • To check PHP_info, click the button next to the version in PHP options.

Changing PHP.ini:

  • Webmin -> File Manager -> etc/php/php <version>/php.ini
  • change settings (example: Max File Upload Size = 25M).
  • Note: Post Size must be bigger than Max file upload size.
  • Restart Apache Service or Reboot server.

WordPress Write Issue/FTP Login Issue:

  • Always use PHP-FPM and not FCIG for wordpress PHP.

Check Apache Error Log:

  • goto Logs and Reports.
  • check Apache error log.

Virtualmin re-check configuration to ensure Virtualmin is ready:

  • Under Virtualmin System Settings -> Re-check configuration.
  • Rerun Wizard is also under System Settings.

PHP Install & Enable Module (Ubuntu 20.04).

  • Login to the server using putty.
  • # apt-cache search (example: apt-cache search zip) to search for zip module or (example: apt-cache search intl) to search for intl module.
  • # apt-install -zip as per-shown in search (example: apt-install php8.1-zip or apt-install php8.2-curl).
  • # phpenmod -v zip (example: phpenmod -v 8.1 zip or phpenmod -v 8.2 curl) – phpenmod is enable php module.

To install extension to a particular php version: #sudo apt-get install php8.2-curl or follow above example apt-install


Extra notes:

  • phpenmod – Used to enable modules in PHP
  • phpdismod – Used to disable modules in PHP
  • phpquery – Used to view status of modules of PHP

Page Error 500:

  • Option +FollowSymlinks not allowed here
  • change to Option +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch in htaccess file

Start Or Restart Webmin in Command Line:

  • Login PUTTY.
  • sudo /etc/webmin/start or sudo /etc/webmin/restart.

Change Document Index:

  • To change priority of document index in server
  • got Services (Virtualmin) -> Configure Website -> Directory Index -> Directory Index Files

Webmin MySQL User-Pwd:

  • check this page webmin/mysql Database Server/Change Admin Password.
  • For other users goto individual domain and change from virtual server user under Edit Virtual Server

Change Theme Color

  • To change theme or configure theme, left-menu -> under “Theme Configuration” -> next to Login Name.
  • To change default loading pages for Webmin and Virtualmin -> General Defaults

Website Redirect

  • goto website redirect
  • URL source: “/” for whole site
  • Destination to system directory: /home/domain/public_html/subfolder/