CNY: Fruits Yee Sang (Chinese New Year)

It is symbolic to have “Yee Sang” during Chinese New Year (CNY). I believe this tradition started in Seremban, Malaysia (Source; read more: Some people instead of calling it Yee Sang, they name it as “Lo Hei”. A very meaningful dish to have during CNY especially for business men. And of course current days, it is also symbolic in wishing for better career, education, health, etc.

Usually, we buy Yee Sang from shops or super market (that’s sells in ready package). This year we bought the ingredient and prepare individually ourselves. It is healthier and we can mix anything we like. the only criteria is to mix 7 different flavors or colors. Our mixed are Carrots, Kiwi, Strawberries, Pomelo, Jicama (Bangkuang), Mangga, Pear, peanuts for the crunch and Dragon fruit juice mixed over the top. And if you like, you can mix some Asam sauce over as well.

Presenting our YEE SANG (Dragon Fruits Juice over the Top ).