How to Change Car Battery?

Having to change the car battery yourself? Usually a car battery last between 1½ years to 2 years depending on your driving condition and mostly the use of the internal car equipment like your radio, GPS, etc and also the size of the battery. Anyway, my article today is a simple article to remind myself and also to share this info for others who wants to change the car battery themselves.

By unplugging your car battery, radio and clock will reset itself as well the car alarm system. Of course you can jump start the car with other battery and then change the battery while the car is running (no need to reset equipment), however I do not recommend this method as it might kill the alternator or worst. Changing car battery while the car is running best leave it to experts.

Let’s study the steps:-

  • make sure car is not in running mode.
  • have your car alarm remote control ready.
  • open your car bonnet.
  • locate the positive (+) and negative (-) of the battery.
  • unplug the negative (-) 1st.
  • then unplug the positive (+) next.
  • remove the battery and replace with new battery.
  • plug in the positive (+) 1st.
  • then plug in the negative (-) next.
  • set your radio and clock again.
  • if car alarm sound, use your car alarm remote control.

Most important thing about changing the car battery is to unplug and plug according the steps above (determining the correct sequence of the positive (+) and negative (-) terminal).