Grab Car Grab Pay Double Charging

Grab Car Grab Pay Double Charging

Grab Car Grab Pay Double Charging. Have you checked your grab pay vs your bank statement yet? Did you check against your mobile Grab Car app vs statement too? There is a major flaw in Grab Pay system that seem to double charge you. Ones on your credit or debit when in actual fact you paid Cash directly. This case happens to me. Foremost, Grab announces their Grab Pay facility 2 months ago and I registered my card due to the promotion it offers at that time. I only started using Grab Pay towards end of last month which is in May 2017.

Anyway, I received my bank statement couple of days ago and noticed some double charges dispute. Thus, I quickly log into my Grab Car portal and double check my rides and payments. I was thorough as I also verify all my payments against my mobile Grab Car app ride history as well. To my surprised, there are 2 entries that doesn’t balance. My mobile Grab app shows 2 charges made. One cash paid directly to the driver and another was charged to my debit card. I verified with my bank statement, it was true.

I like to share this as the above dispute maybe something that might have overlooked by you. When you looked at only the bank statement against Grab Car portal rides history, it is balanced. To go deeper, it is best that you go through the history against all 3 platforms i.e Grab Car portal, Bank statement together with Mobile Grab Car app history. You might have already paid Cash but it was charged again to your Card.

I am attaching my findings in image form for your further understanding.

Maybe you have already noticed the flaw or have had already gone through the above but hope that this article helps in refreshing your attention towards unwanted error given by Grab Car App. I still uses the facilities of this private taxi company and I do agree that it is a wonderful experience to have private taxis as an alternative transport.

Public taxi suck to the maximum due to many cheaters out there. It might happen to private taxis soon but at the moment, it is the alternative transport apart from your regular public transport that you can rely on.

Update: Grab compensated me in a form of 2 credits of RM5.00 for my next ride.