Home Made Shibuya Honey Toasts Ice Cream

Home Made Shibuya Honey Toasts. Would you like to make your own ‘Shibuya Honey Toasts’? My family and I were in Miru Dessert Cafe in Damansara Uptown few weeks ago.

My children recommended us to try out toast ice creams desserts. We ordered the basic Shibuya Honey Toasts which is one of the shop signature dish. A number was given to us together with a small bottle of honey upon ordering and paying at the counter.


Price: RM15 ~ RM25
Portion: Enough for 2 persons.
Pros: Toast bread is thick. Taste is super good with mixture of small bite piece of bread together with some ice cream and honey.
Cons: Simple dish you can do at home.
Rating: [rating stars = “4.2”]

Now the DIY part at home. After tasting it, I figured that I can do it at home at a much cheaper cost. Ingredients that you need are simple.

  1. White bread. Use uncut bread, you can buy it from Tesco.
  2. Vanilla ice cream.
  3. Margarine. You could use butter but I personally I prefer margarine.
  4. Maple syrup. Taste much sweeter and costlier than honey.
  5. Optional: peanut butter or any other flavors you like.


  1. Cut bread into thickness of about 25cm (1″) thick.
  2. Apply margarine onto bread. You can apply on single side or both sides of the bread. If you are also using peanut butter, apply margarine on one side and peanut butter on the other side.
  3. Preheat oven and heat cook at 180 degree for about 3 to 5 mins. If you have a Philips air fryer, it is much easier as you do not need to preheat. Else you could use the traditional way, fried it with a pan.
  4. One scope of vanilla ice cream on top and add maple syrup.
  5. Serve hot.

Note: Home made toasts does not look the same as photos shown in this article but definitely taste much better.