Korea Seoul Street Seafood Misc Stalls

Korea Seoul Street Seafood Misc Stalls. Have you tried any of these stalls on the roadsides or less busy streets? When I traveled in Seoul Korea, i see lots of these types of stalls. They open in the evening and operates until midnight. I am not sure whether they operate after midnight or not but they usually located in less busy streets. Photos (see below) I took are from the ones that are located nearby the hotel. They are not there in the day. Sort of like ‘pasar malam’ stalls, famously known locally.

I wanted to walk right into the tent and try the foods but because these stalls don’t have pricing on the menu and I do not speak Korean, I am less reluctant to walk into any. No pricing could mean prices are dictated on the dishes you order and maybe follow the market price by weight. I noticed they mostly sell seafood dishes but occasionally I do stumble on some stalls that sells other local street food. For seafood, I think the prices are measured by weight and again I do not read Korean, i dare not try any. I didn’t want to come out with a bloody neck. As you and I know, Korean’s food are not cheap and eating on something that does not have pricing, it could be expensive.

But for the knowledge when you travel to Seoul, Korea and if you do speak Korean, maybe you could try out the food there. It is truly a Seoul culture to have these stalls on the side streets. These stalls are everywhere along less busy street as mentioned early and mostly for seafood and beers. Sort of like make shift restaurants.


Here are some pictures of these roadside stalls.