Home Made Marry Brown Egg Stra Ong

Honestly, I tried Marry Brown new Egg Stra Ong and fell in love with it. This prompted me to try my homemade Marry Brown’s Egg Stra Ong Chicken Meal. I know I am not able to mimic the taste fully, but I know that it is just fried chicken with salted egg sauce overlay. When I ordered from marry Brown, it came with their signature fried chicken and some salted egg sauce. All I had to do is mix the salted egg sauce onto the fried chicken.

Egg Stra Ong sauce was good. In fact, it was better than KFC’s Golden Butter Cereal chicken this year. Yes, I would recommend Marry Brown’s promotion this year over KFC. Marry brown priced slightly higher over KFC due to its different promotion setup. KFC is selling at RM19.99 (3 pieces) and Marry Brown selling at RM24.30 (2 pieces plus a burger). Anyhow, this article is talking about my homemade salted egg sauce and my own signature fried chicken.

The fried chicken is similar to my regular fried chicken, you can read more at https://edwardkoo.com/home-cooked-fried-chicken-wings/ and this time, I had it marinated, and I coat it with bread crumbs before frying the chicken. I only uses chicken wings for this.

Fried Chicken Wings

Salted Egg Sauce Ingredients:

  • salted egg yolk (2 to 3 yolks but I would recommend 3 for better taste).
  • chili padi (1 is enough else would be too spicy to taste the salted egg).
  • garlic.
  • curry leaves (the more the better but not overly cover the sauce).
  • evaporated milk (about a a small rice bowl).
  • sugar (little bit and not too sweet).
  • butter or margarine.


  • add oil (a bit to heat up the pan).
  • add butter or margarine (the more, the more buttery the taste).
    • stir fry till butter fragrant.
  • add garlic.
  • add chili padi.
  • add sugar.
  • add curry leaves.
    • stir fry till curry leaves fragrant & slightly crunchy.
  • add salted egg yolk
    • stir fry till salted egg fragrant.
  • add evaporated milk.
  • add water (optional) but I found adding a bit of water makes the salted egg watery instead of sticky. Evaporated milk after cool becomes thicken and sticky so by adding some water should make it watery since I’m using the sauce as overlay.

Note: adding salt is usually not needed and not recommended.

Final presentation:

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