Home Cooked Teriyaki Salmon

Home cooked teriyaki salmon with simple tasty sautéed asparagus and mushroom. Two weeks ago, I bought 1 salmon fish head plus 1 salmon fish piece from Tesco and wanted to try fried salmon fish head as well as teriyaki salmon. My first dish was a failure which is the fried salmon fish head. The fried fish head was not as per what I expected so to compensate my failure, I will ensure I do not fail my teriyaki salmon.

And the good news, my teriyaki salmon dish did not fail me and turns out to be quite good instead. Initially, I wanted to have a sole teriyaki salmon dish only but later decided to add on some colors to the dish thus added 2 sides dishes which is quick fry asparagus and enoki mushrooms.

Btw, this is home cooked.

Ingredients for the teriyaki salmon:

  • Salmon piece or block.
  • teriyaki sauce (commercially available).
  • light soy sauce.
  • tapioca flour.
  • garlic.

Ingredients for the asparagus and enoki mushrooms:

  • A pack of asparagus.
  • A pack of enoki mushrooms.
  • Oyster sauce.
  • light soy sauce.
  • black pepper.
  • garlic.
  • sugar (optional).

Preparation for the salmon:

  • lightly coat salmon with tapioca.
  • mix teriyaki sauce and some light soy sauce into a bowl of water.

Preparation for the asparagus and enoki mushrooms:

  • boil asparagus in water. Ensure water is boiled before adding asparagus.
  • observe asparagus until middle part is transparent and transfer into normal temperature water (to prevent continue cooking of the asparagus). Dry the asparagus and transfer into another bowl.
  • mix oyster sauce, light soy sauce and black pepper into a bowl of water.

Cooking of the salmon:

  • fry the garlics.
  • fry the salmon under slow fire. One side at a time slowly.
  • add the mixed teriyaki sauce bowl into it.
  • cover some teriyaki sauce onto the top of salmon. Turn over salmon and do the same.
  • once water start to turn sticky, remove salmon from pan and pour the remaining sauce onto the salmon.

Cooking of the asparagus and enoki mushrooms:

  • add garlics.
  • add enoki mushroom.
  • stir fry mushroom until slightly soft.
  • add asparagus.
  • add the mixed oyster sauce, soy sauce and black pepper bowl into the pan.
  • stir fry until water starts to thickens slightly.

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