Visit Tokyo, Japan Itinerary for 5D4N Option.

This is what my trip to Tokyo, Japan itinerary that includes Disneyland visit. Just a suggested guide for my 5D4N (exclude flying day) in Tokyo. Mainly go shopping and include a visit to Gotemba Premium Outlet. Flew in MAS airlines and stayed in Princess Garden Hotel, Meguro Station. Trip was in 2015 with Disneyland along the way.

Day 1

Arrival in Narita Airport, Japan. (Terminal 2), by Malaysia Airlines (MAS).

  • Buy Narita Express tickets (return) at airport counter.  Approximately ¥ 4,000 (JR Ticket Offices (Midori-no-Madoguchi) located at the JR stations)
  • Buy Suica reload card.
  • About 1 hour ride to Shinagawa station.
  • Break-Lunch at around Shinagawa station and walk-about.
  • Transfer to Yamanote Line (Platform 2) to Meguro Station and walk to Princess Garden Hotel.

Arrive at hotel for check-in and rest if needed.

  • Meguro to Shinjuku station.
  • Shop at Odakyu departmental store and also to buy tickets for “Romance Car Train” to Gotemba.
  • Check-out Odakyu Sight Seeing Center (image below).
  • Shop at Takashimaya mall and walk around Shinjuku area if time permits.

Visiting location suggestion after Odayku:-

  • Kabukicho – check out the area store and discount shops. Don Quijote Shinjuku Store (Discount Household Store).
  • Shinjuku Gyoen park. Start the day at Shinjuku Gyoen, a large public park near Shinjuku Station. The park is especially beautiful from late March to early April when it becomes one of Tokyo’s best cherry blossom spots and from mid November to mid December when the leaves change colors.
  • Southern Terrace. Depart the gardens via the Shinjuku Gate and head towards Shinjuku Station. Explore the Takashimaya department store and the station’s Southern Terrace.
  • Optional: Walk to Metropolitan tower government office – 45th floor observation deck.
  • Takeshita Dori to Harajuku Station. Cross the street in front of the station and explore the trendy shops and boutiques of Takeshita Dori Street. Famous crepes.
  • Optional: Meiji Shrine
  • Explore Shibuya. Continue south and turn right after the (optional) Parco Department Store.
  • Check out the famous Shibuya Crossing and Hachiko Statue next to Shibuya Station.

Day 2

Disneyland (opening hours either 8am or 9am to 10pm) – FULL DAY

¥6900 (1 day pass).

  • Meguro to Hachobori, intercharge to Keiyo line to Maihama Station. (60 Mins)

Recommended food to try: Goto “WesternLand Chuck Wagon” for Smoked Turkey Leg. (Approximately ¥750). If time permits and fancy for some wet attractions, also try to visit Disney Sea.

Day 3

Trip to Hakone and then to Gotemba Premium Outlet (GPO) – FULL DAY TRIP.

  • Odakyu Shinjuku – Odawara train to (travel options):-
  • To Hakone-Yumoto (1h11m) = ¥2080 (time 7am)
  • To Odwara by Train (7.01am) and to Hakone-Yumoto by Tozan Bus (reach 8.40am) = ¥880+¥370 = ¥1260. (Can have breakfast in Odwara).
  • Hakone-Yumoto Tozan train to Gora Station (40mins ride). = ¥670. (Option to have Onsen public bath at Hakone Yuryo ¥1400; rooms ¥3990 (60mins); towel ¥450).
  • Visit Gora Park (¥400).
  • Gora station to GPO by Tozan Bus Station 2 (S Line – 45mins).
  • GPO return to Shijuku (options):-
    • To Gotemba Station (Free shuttle bus) take train ¥500+¥780 = ¥1280.
    • Gotemba station to Matsuda (JR Gotemba Line 40mins), walk to Shin-Matsuda Station (6mins) ¥500.
    • Odakyu Odwara train back to Shinjuku (7.30pm, 7.40pm) from Shin-Matsuda Station (1h20m) ¥780.
    • Or by Odakyu Highway Bus direct to Shinjuku (2h30m) 1680 yen.

*Note: Had this trip accordingly and had a very pleasant and memorable trip to Gotemba. We passed through many beautiful location and visits along the way and nearly missed the photo taking with Mount FUJI due to early sun set time as our trip was in autumn season. But we still managed to take few beautiful photos of Mount Fuji from Gotemba. It was a breath taking but tiring day tho.

Day 4


  • Morning: Tsukiji Fish Market. From Meguro (take Hibiya Line). Stop at Tsukiji station and walk about 5 mins to market.

What they say:

There are plenty of sushi counters here, but to find best ones, you need to wend your way to the restaurant area near the wholesale fruit and vegetable market, just inside the main gate off Shin-ohashi Street. To get there, walk in from the gate, with the fruit and vegetable market on your right, pass the off-limits loading zone (with its stacks of polystyrene boxes) and turn left at the main road. Walk three short blocks, then turn left again down a small side street. Sushi Dai is the second shop on your right. Look for the faded green doorway curtains and very long line out front. Daiwa-Zushi, a bit farther down on the same side of the street (curtains are red), is just as good. Expect to pay between 300 and 800 yen per generously cut, amazingly fresh piece. Order the chu toro (fatty tuna). 

*Note: Did not have a great experience visiting Tsukiji Fish Market. Overly commercialized with expensive Sashimi  / Sushi dishes and taste not as good as you can find around Tokyo town. Apparently, Tsukiji Fish Market is moving to another location thus we just drop by for a final visit.

Next, suggested guide around town of Tokyo.

  • Ameyoko Street Market (*must visit). From Tsukiji to Ueno or Okachimachi station (Southern Exit).
  • After Ameyoko, goto Ueno park to walk around.
  • Asakusa Shrine area (*must visit) – From Ueno to Asakusa Station (Shops closes at 5pm).
  • Time Permits; goto Odaiba (man-made island). From Ueno to Shimbashi station and take monorail into Odaiba.
  • Oedo Onsen Monogatari volcanic hot spring theme park.

Day 5

  • Toyko station. Visit Daimaru Departmental Store. Goto basement food court to have food court Japanese style foods.
  • Imperial East Garden. Walk from Tokyo Station to the Imperial Palace. Enter through the Otemon Gate and explore the Imperial East Gardens, checking out both the area around the former castle keep and the Ninomaru Garden.
  • Outer Park. Exit the Imperial East Gardens via the Otemon Gate and head south past Nijubashi Bridge through the outer grounds to the Sakuradamon Gate. Cross the street and continue walking down the street to Hibiya Park. Pass through the park and continue southwest toward Ginza.
  • Explore the upscale shopping around Ginza’s Chuo Dori street.
  • Akihabara walk about.

*Note: Coming into the last day in Tokyo, Japan. Time for some real shopping experience around town. Today was the day we had the best Ramen in Tokyo (read my experience here).

This concludes my suggested 5D4N itinerary for Tokyo, Japan.