Home Fried Pork Lards

This is how I prepare my home fried pork lards. It is very simple and it takes approximately 45mins including preparation.

Basic Ingredients

  • Pork Lard chopped into cubes
  • Salt
  • Mixed well


  • Add Pork Lard and heat wok together
  • Stir a little in the beginning
  • Cook in low fire until less bubbles forming (Bubbles are fats being secreted out from the lard).

Place pork lard into wok

Bubbles forming (secreting fats)

Color a bit dark – slightly over-cooked but crunchier. You do not need to over cook it.

Note: store in fridge for longer lasting. If it become less crunchy, reheat in air fryer about 1 to 2 mins.

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