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Shipment Parcel Stuck in Customs

Why your shipment parcel stuck in Customs for a long period of time?

Here is what may happened to your purchased items when you purchased your products from overseas. These products are specified as imports and any items that are valued at RM500 and above are considered taxable. So, what are the steps to be taken to clear your items from being held in customs for too long. Usually, customs will clear your items within 1 to 3 days but if the items status did not renew to release, it is most likely that your items are taxable.

1st stop would be to call POS Malaysia, you should be able to find the contact number in POS Malaysia website. Give it a few tries as their customer service are usually very busy. Once you got to speak to the customer service personnel, read your consignment note number to them and allow them to check on your status. They will open a report and advise you to send an email with the item invoice to their email for further respond.

The reply may come within one working day and you should know the status of your parcel. If they responded stating that your parcel or item is taxable, you will need to call the number included in the email. But mark my word that you can keep calling and it is always busy. Do not bother to call, just make a trip to the address given in the email or if you are in Kuala Lumpur (Wilayah Persekutuan) or Selangor, you should make a trip down to Cargo Hub POS Malaysia International Hub KLIA (next to the old LCCT terminal).

Once your are there, sign in at the guard house. Hand over your identification card and guards will hand you a green slip with consignment note information and an entry card. There are 3 counters that you are required to complete the proceed of collecting your parcel.

  1. 1st stop is counter 1 where you need to hand over your green slip, allow some time for them to check your parcel. If your parcel is not found in Counter 1, you are required to go to POS customer service department to seek help locating your parcel. If they are able to locate your parcel, you are then advised to return to Counter 1.
  2. Once your parcel is located and claimed from Counter 1, you need to proceed to Counter 2. Counter 2 is the Customs officer’s counter. You are required to open the package in front of the office and show them your invoice (of the item purchased). Note that if your electronic device have WIFI installed, you maybe required to proceed to SIRIM for approval.
  3. Upon checking your product (item) & invoice, you are given a print out slip and you are required to proceed to Counter 3 for declaration and tax amount. Bear in mind, the Customs officer will show you the item amount after conversion and on your agreement, he or she will then print out the slip for your to proceed next.
  4. Hand over your slip to Counter 3 and wait 10 minutes for them to print out your total tax amount. On getting your tax advise print out, you are required to return to Counter 2.
  5. Hand over the tax print out to the same office at Counter 2 and again wait for approval from higher ranking officer. The office signatory is required before proceeding further.
  6. On confirmation at Counter 2, return to Counter 3 to settle the taxable amount. They only accept CASH (no other methods allowed), so you must remember to bring enough cash.
  7. Once payment made, you can take your parcel and go home.

For my case, my item cost me around USD410.00 which works out to be around RM1,731.00 (this is worked out by the Customs officer at the counter). My total taxable amount is RM85.00 (import tax) plus RM19.10 (declaration tax), total RM104.10.

After all the above process, go to the guard house with the green slip, the guard will take down your parcel number (POS office number, not the consignment note number), collect your identification card and return to your home with your parcel or package.

The whole process took me around 45 mins to complete because they could not locate my parcel. Under normal circumstances, it should only take around 30 mins to complete the whole process. Of course depending on the crowd as well.

If you are in Klang Valley, you can collect at Cargo Hub POS Malaysia International Hub KLIA.

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