Kwang Jang Market Seoul Korea Morning

Kwang Jang Market Seoul Korea Morning. Want to buy some souvenirs at reasonable price? Visit the famous Kwang Jang Market in Seoul Korea early morning for such shopping. Well… not exactly early morning but mid-morning at around 9am to 10am because souvenir stalls opens slightly later unless you are going to the market for fresh seafood, etc. Anyway, I was there with my family for a visit because it is a must-visit place whenever you are in Seoul Korea plus we wanted to get some Korea souvenirs for our friends back in Malaysia. So, if you would like to buy souvenirs at reasonable price, this is the place to look out for. The souvenirs sold here are very much cheaper than you find around town or at those famous tourist spots.

Furthermore, you also get to enjoy some very localized Korean authentic food. And if you love seafood, this is also the place with aplenty of live seafood example baby octopus. It is not an everyday affair where you could find those but if you are lucky, you get to buy them fresh. For us, it is souvenir’s shopping. There are many stalls selling souvenirs and of course those at the front near the entrance are slightly priced higher than those stalls hiding behind the back. So, remember to walk around the back for some real bargains.

Some of the shops there are whole sellers and they don’t open as early. And of course being a whole seller’s shop, you will need to buy certain quantities of a single product meaning, everything comes in a pack of 3s to 10s. We didn’t manage to buy any from whole sellers because we don’t need that many items. So, we only managed to buy from the front end stalls. Prices are slightly higher but we get to choose and pick single items that we find interesting.

Along the front of the entrance, shops are aplenty and followed by wet market where you get to buy fresh live seafood. As we walked in further, there are many stalls selling food as well. Sort of like a food court at another side of the building. There are many local food but basic choices for most of the stalls. Basically, stalls there are selling the same basic local food and these foods, you may not be able to find elsewhere around town. So, if you want, take the opportunity to try it before you visit other places.

Funny thing about travelling is, once you are at one places and you find something that you wanted, it is better for you to buy it there and there. You might think that you can get it some place else at cheaper pricing but it may not be necessarily cheaper or worst, you might not find the same item that you saw from the last place. Even it is slightly more expensive, it is still worth the buy than go looking for it later. Very commonly when you are on tour, you don’t visit the same place twice so it is better to grab the things you like before moving to another destination. Of course unless the things that you want to buy is nearby your hotel.

Entrance to Kwang Jang Market. There are other entrances but I presume this is the main entrance. I am not entirely sure.

Super big sized clams at KRW5,000 a basket.

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